PC Centar was founded

PC Centar was founded in 1992 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, as one of the first distributors of computer and IT equipment.

ComputerLand was founded

ComputerLand was founded in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, as computer gear and video game shop.

Colby was founded

Colby was opened in 1993 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

DTK distribution

PC Centar became the official distributor for DTK computers, at the time, one of the best and most popular PC and components manufacturers.

New distribution contracts

Iris Mega was formed as a distribution company as an offspring of ComputerLand and became the distributor for Creative Labs and Logitech brands. Following its mission to offer high-end and high-quality gear and peripherals for PC, Iris Mega introduced the only vendor of high quality sound cards and one of the leading computer equipment producers to local market.

Mustek added to the portfolio

PC Center added Mustek and MSland to their distribution portfolio. Well established and quality brand such as Mustek easily dominated the market in need for such products.

Record turnover!

Iris Mega reached the annual turnover of over 1 million USD!

PC Centar: Distribution expansion

PC Centar expanded distribution portfolio to Canon, Benq, Altec Lansing & Sweex, further strengthening its position as one of the leading distributors in the region.

Iris Mega: More than 150 dealers and business partners

In a little more over 5 years Iris Mega managed to position itself as one of the most important distributors, connecting with more than 150 dealers and business partners.

PC Centar: Foxconn contract

Sucessful expansion for PC Centar continues with acquisition of Foxconn, Kingmax and Plantronics contracts.

Iris Mega video game distribution

2004 marked the year when Iris Mega reached the number of 20 full-time employees and started video game distribution, an important milestone for the future development of the company.

Igabiba.si launches

Colby launches igabiba.si, online shop for video games and equipment, filling the gap at the Slovenian and Adria market.

Iris Mega: Annual turnover of over 4 million $
Iris Mega: Over 30 full time employees
SEAF invests in PC Centar

SEAF believes in PC Centar and invests 1,5 million $ into the company for the further development and positioning at the local market.

Iris Mega reaches over 40 full time employees
Contracts for GoClever and Samsung ODD

PC Centar signed new contracts for GoClever and Samsung ODD, marking the expansion of the distribution portfolio for the company.

PC Centar acquires Telephant

PC Centar acquired Telephant and in the same year became the distributor for Siemens Gigaset, Genius, Assmann and Digitus. The acquisition of Telephant was one of the biggest industry events of 2010.

Constant growth in sales

Iris Mega established as one of the leading distributors with constant yearly growth in sales! It’s the name of the company well known as “go to” address for everything related to video games, gaming equipment and entertainment.

Logitech distribution

PC Centar became the distributor for Logitech, managing to secure the partnership with the biggest worlds producer of high-quality PC and consoles peripherals.

Distributor for Apacer and BLU

PC Centar became the distributor for Gsmart in 2012, Apacer and BLU Products in 2013 and Zapomobile in 2015.

Iris Mega grows

Iris Mega managed to get constant company growth, regardless of the global financial crisis that affected not just the industry, but the worldwide business as a whole.

Distribution of DJI added to portfolio

Always closely listening to trends and the needs of consumers, Iris Mega became the official distributor of DJI products when drones became increasingly popular.

Colby widely expands portfolio

Colby acquires rights for Sold Out games, also Telltale Games, Bigben Interactive. The move comes as no surprise since Colby’s mission was to secure the dominant position as the main video game distributor in Adria region.

EA Games & Fibaro distribution

Iris Mega signed contracts for the distribution of EA Games & Fibaro. On one hand, Fibaro is the leading producer of security and smart home equipment, while on the other, EA Games is well known video game publisher with a strong portfolio of some of the most popular video game franchises – FIFA, Dead Space, Need for Speed, Battlefield and many more.

PC Centar joins Computerland Group

PC Centar becomes the part of ComputerLand Group, through the acquisition done by the group. This way with joined forces, PC Centar and Iris Mega together became one of the most important regional distributors.

The same year PC Centar expanded its portfolio with contracts with Elephone, Leagoo, Doogee, Bluboo, Horntorn and Blackview.

SEGA and Codemasters contracts!

SEGA and Codemasters joined the distribution list of Colby. In the same year, the company received Excellent SME certificate. For the first time in the history, Colby achieved the turnover of 10.000.000 EUR.

SPAWN – Iris Mega brand of gaming equipment & furniture

2017 marked the launch of SPAWN, fully owned sub-brand for gaming equipment and furniture. SPAWN offers gaming chairs and tables, gaming protective glasses, mousepads and much more.

PC Centar: Xiaomi Communications partnership

The biggest contract signed in 2017 for PC Centar was the one with Xiaomi Communications, one of the most popular brands of “new wave” of smartphones, tablets and other IT equipment. This way, consumers in the region managed to get their hands on one of the most powerful, while also moderately priced products.

Activision Blizzard contract

Colby signs the contract with Activision Blizzard for Slovenia. Video game distribution behemoth was highly anticipated in Slovenia and Colby managed to secure this important contract.

Colby joins Computerland Group

After the acquisition of PC Centar and formation of ComputerLand Group that consists of PC Centar and Iris Mega, Colby was also acquired by the group, forming the biggest video game and entertainment distribution group in the whole Adriatic region.

First Mi store in Adria region
6 ComputerLand Stores

Iris Mega develops its retail chain ComputerLand, and ends the year with 6 stores in Belgrade

5 Mi Stores in Serbia

Mi stores are present in all major shopping malls in Serbia

The group is growing

The company grows and ends the year with 185 employees

New brand in distribution portfolio

Appointed Marvo distributor for Slovenia & Croatia

First Mi store in Slovenia

Mi brand continues to expand

Opened 3rd Xiaomi Store in Slovenia at Supernova Rudnik

Mi brand continues to expand

Computerland now has ten stores in Serbia

ComputerLand is the largest gaming retailer in Serbia


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